The Penny Passport®

Many collectors of elongated coins started collecting as kids.  Over the years whenever we found a machine, we just had to have another elongated coin for our collection.  As our collection grows in size, the question of where to keep them arises.

Where do you suggest I stick my collection?

Woah!  You’ve gotta be careful how you phrase questions…but fear not, the solution exists and its name is The Penny Passport®

The Penny Passport is a tri-fold album that will hold 36 elongated cents as well as 8 elongated nickels or quarters.  Each book is very portable so you can take them along with you when you’re on vacation.  Check out the huge list of penny machine locations world wide here.

So where can you buy Penny Passports?  Well eBay seller Scithe has then available in his store and sells them in their store on

Here are some photos of the original Penny Passport.  These photos were taken from Scithe’s eBay listings with permission.

wc1pp original


The Penny Passport 3



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