Acquiring Yesterday’s Elongated Coins Today

Help!  The elongated penny press machine with that one design I want is gone.  How can I get that elongated penny?

Great question!  If you are looking for elongated cents that are no longer being made there are a few places you can go.

The largest market is eBay.  There is a category devoted specifically for elongated coins and you can search their [current listings] as well as the [completed listings].  I like to search completed listings for a couple of reasons.  If the coin has been sold then you have an idea of its possible value.  You can always contact that seller and inquire as to whether they have more.  If the coin ended without bids then you may be able to contact the seller to find out if they will be relisting it.

Another place to go is  The Elongated Collectors have been a club since the 1960s.  To join the group there is an annual fee (it is currently $15 for adults and $6 for kids).  There’s a few perks to being in the club, the biggest being able to communicate with hundreds of other collectors that might have the pressed penny you are looking for and willing to trade.  I’ve found the people on their forums to be friendly.

If you’re on Facebook there’s the I collect elongated coins group. You can join up and post a photo or message about the coins you are looking for. It’s also another good place to talk and share photos of your collection.